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We Get Happier As We Age

Ah!  Some good news for baby boomers as we age.  The Brookings Institute looked at the relationship between age and happiness around the world (as measured by a 2011-2013 Gallup World Poll).  According to a Washington Post article, the low … Continue reading

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A Healthy Dose Of Skepticism

My Mother was a bright intelligent woman who retained much of her cognitive function until she died at the age of ninety-four.  But, I think it was when she was in her late seventies that we discovered she was falling … Continue reading

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Blurred Life

I always go kicking and screaming into the holidays.  Nobody Almost no one likes it when the Christmas carols start in the stores the day after Halloween.  But for me the anxiety starts as soon as I hear the first … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being Dad

My kids are both in their late twenties now.  The other day they were reminiscing about the two years when I was in graduate school and Dad was in charge.  They were about nine and eleven at the time, and … Continue reading

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Fitness After Sixty

There was an article the other day in my paper about fitness as we age.  Baby boomers have spent years participating in all kinds of exercise routines.  Health clubs appeared on every corner while we pursued racquet ball, running, weight … Continue reading

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Chalk One Up For The Mature Woman

If you are a woman who is fifty or older you know what I am talking about.  It seems that the more grey we have in our hair the more color we lose in our face. Our eyebrows get thinner … Continue reading

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Ruth & Erica

It’s not easy getting older and it certainly is not easy watching parents age.  We baby boomers are doing exactly that.  I was reading a blog on WordPress ( I am sorry that I can’t remember which one) that mentioned … Continue reading

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A Nightmare, A Cry, A Scare

It’s Halloween but the nightmare started a few days ago for the people in the East.  The hurricane with the sweet name “Sandy” exceeded all the dire predictions to deliver a massively destructive blow up and down the East Coast. … Continue reading

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