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Grandparenting and Alzheimer’s

We baby boomers are becoming grandparents at a very fast pace!  There is no doubt that being a grandparent is a joy.  I can only speak for myself when I say that I could just eat my grandson up with … Continue reading

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A Virulent Little Sucker

I am sure you all know how it goes.   You go on a trip, travel on an airplane, go through a couple of different airports and you end up getting sick.  It has happened to everyone.  So it was … Continue reading

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Oh Those Birthday Cards

My husband just celebrated his 61st birthday. (Nigel Parkinson Cartoon)  Along with the presents and the cake came all the funny cards about aging.  One in particular listed the innumerable things he can look forward to.  Well, I am sure … Continue reading

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Can You Smell The Peanut Butter?

A friend from my book club told us about this article in USA Today.  For us baby boomers who are always wondering if we are having “senior moments” or something more sinister,  this is very interesting. (Photo: Brand X Pictures, … Continue reading

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Dementia Is Not Inevitable

According to the Stanford Center On Longevity:  Exercise is the best thing you can do for your brain.  The latest research shows that cognitive decline is not inevitable.  The brain continues to make neurons and fine tune neural connections as … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s: Reducing the Risk

As baby boomers I think that we have reached the age where we pay a little more attention when we have a memory lapse. We all have crossed a threshold and totally forgotten why we walked into the room.  How … Continue reading

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I Choose Happy

My husband’s parents told him the other day that they were just too old to get along anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, they were just kidding. (I think)  They have been devoted to each other for almost seventy years.  So … Continue reading

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Has Anyone Noticed That Aging Is Not Easy

My daughter’s in-laws came to visit her last week.  They spent time with the new baby and did some sight seeing.  The two of them decided that they would go to the top of Pikes Peak. Cars race to the … Continue reading

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Fitness After Sixty

There was an article the other day in my paper about fitness as we age.  Baby boomers have spent years participating in all kinds of exercise routines.  Health clubs appeared on every corner while we pursued racquet ball, running, weight … Continue reading

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The Most Popular Man In The Room

This morning I was reading the news headlines when this article from a site called Fitbie caught my attention.  It was titled  “Ten People Over 70 Who Are Fitter Than You”.   So, since I am working my way through my sixties, … Continue reading

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