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Ruth & Erica

It’s not easy getting older and it certainly is not easy watching parents age.  We baby boomers are doing exactly that.  I was reading a blog on WordPress ( I am sorry that I can’t remember which one) that mentioned … Continue reading

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A Ray Of Olympic Sunshine

Like millions of other people around the world, our family is enjoying the dramatic and emotional ride that is the Olympics.  We take the opportunity to appreciate sports that we don’t usually get to see as well as taking in … Continue reading

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My Top Five Concerts Ever

The new trailers for the summer blockbusters are beginning to show up to entice us into the theaters.  I saw this one for Rock of Ages.  I’ve seen the picture of Tom Cruise as a rock star in this movie and … Continue reading

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Is This What We Want To Say To Our Girls?

About ten years ago Jamie Lee Curtis posed in More Magazine without any makeup on and wearing just her underwear. The idea was an attempt to show what her body really looked like.  At the time she was concerned about … Continue reading

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Embrace The Color

I’ve been noticing something of late.   There is a rainbow of colors out there that has started to appear on women’s heads.  It began slowly with the young and bold.  You probably have all seen them.  Katy Perry has … Continue reading

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Stuck in the Middle

When you are twenty or thirty you know that you are going to get old some day, but it seems so far, far away.  However, every woman over the age of fifty has experienced the slow fade into invisibility.  The … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes and the Full Circle Moment

I had a couple of things on my list to get done this week.  The first required the use of a sewing machine.   When I was in my twenties I bought a used Singer sewing machine so I could … Continue reading

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