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Hurray for the Pumpkin Pie!


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A Nightmare, A Cry, A Scare

It’s Halloween but the nightmare started a few days ago for the people in the East.  The hurricane with the sweet name “Sandy” exceeded all the dire predictions to deliver a massively destructive blow up and down the East Coast. … Continue reading

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Halloween: Love It Or Hate It?

What?  How could anyone hate Halloween? When I was a kid, as soon as school started in September, my best friend and I would sit outside after school every day,  planning  what we wanted to be for Halloween.  With seven … Continue reading

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You Know It’s Fall When

It never fails.  The kids go back to school and it is still blistering hot, leaving the kids sweaty, overheated and lethargic.  This year was no exception. But, then Labor Day rolls around and, without fail, the weather starts to … Continue reading

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Bringing the Happy to Thanksgiving

It is the day before Thanksgiving and like everyone else I am running around trying to get ready.  I am finishing up with last-minute details for the jewelry I am bringing to the artisan market on Friday and Saturday. Of … Continue reading

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Trick or Treat

It’s almost here.   Halloween is just around the corner, so let’s just see what is a trick and what is a treat. A beautiful autumn sunrise:   Treat! Trees and yard all turning their spectacular fall colors:  Treat! Pumpkin … Continue reading

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My Week in the Fortress of Solitude

My husband went to visit his parents last week to help them look at some assisted living apartments.  It was not going to be an easy visit and seemed best that he go by himself.   My husband and I … Continue reading

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