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We Get Happier As We Age

Ah!  Some good news for baby boomers as we age.  The Brookings Institute looked at the relationship between age and happiness around the world (as measured by a 2011-2013 Gallup World Poll).  According to a Washington Post article, the low … Continue reading

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Looking Back: Anna Quindlen

“There comes that moment when we finally know what matters and, perhaps more important, what doesn’t, when we see that all the life lessons came not from what we had but from who we loved, and from the failures perhaps … Continue reading

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Oh Those Birthday Cards

My husband just celebrated his 61st birthday. (Nigel Parkinson Cartoon)  Along with the presents and the cake came all the funny cards about aging.  One in particular listed the innumerable things he can look forward to.  Well, I am sure … Continue reading

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Aging In Place

A lot of our friends have started to think about their next move. Our kids, for the most part, have grown up and moved out of our homes.  Many of us are left in houses that feel empty…. with yards … Continue reading

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Did I Say That

Remember when your kids were little and they would say something embarrassing in public?  You know what I mean.  You’re in the grocery store and one of your kids says, loud enough for everyone to hear, I might add,  “Why … Continue reading

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A Healthy Dose Of Skepticism

My Mother was a bright intelligent woman who retained much of her cognitive function until she died at the age of ninety-four.  But, I think it was when she was in her late seventies that we discovered she was falling … Continue reading

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Looking For Someone To Blame

There seems to be a lot of resentment for Baby Boomers who refuse to retire and open up the job market for the unemployed and under-employed.  Despite the fact that boomers can’t afford to retire and are still trying to … Continue reading

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