Hello Summer

I know that it’s not yet summer, but, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and last weekend felt exactly like that.   We had an unusual start to the weekend as we were enjoying some time out back after lunch.  I looked across the yard and thought that somehow a bird had built a large nest in the bush at the corner of the yard.  It seemed impossible that I could have missed it being built, as it was so big.  So I went over to take a closer look and stopped short as the buzzing sound sent up a little red flag…..


….a swarm of bees had settled around the branches of the cistena plum bush and there was definitely a high level of activity around the area.  We Googled beekeepers in Northern Colorado to find out what to do.  Who knew???  There is a bee hotline in Northern Colorado.  Within the hour, a beekeeper volunteer came to remove the swarm.  He did say that it is better not to wait until they move on, as the scouts are out looking for a good place to build the next hive and it could very well be in your house.  So he donned the whole beekeeper suit, clipped the branches and dropped the thousands of bees into a box, waited until as many bees as possible followed the queen into the box, wrapped the box in sheets, put it in the back seat of his car and took the bees to his house.  It was great!


After he left another surprise rolled down my neighborhood street……



I guess the holiday had started.  Beautiful flowers were blooming ……



Flags were flying……


Welcome, Summer!!









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