Okay, I know that I am not the best on computers.  I subscribe to the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”   I have not upgraded my operating system on my computer since I got it a number of years ago.  Consequently I have been having more and more difficulty interfacing  with some of the sites that I use, including WordPress.  It was to the point that I couldn’t even publish a blog for the last few weeks.   So, I decided that it’s about time to upgrade!



Ah!  As you may have guessed, this is easier said than done.  I won’t bore you with the details which involved Apple support, disks that would eject at all the wrong times, or would not eject at all, external drives, different USB cables, discussions with my son and husband, googling for answers to problems etc.  But, Hooray!  I can upload a picture.  I think I am set…..but wait.



Of course, the browser is not co-operating, the browser needs to be upgraded as well.  I should have known.  Everything takes longer than you think.  But, Hooray!  My browser is upgraded and I have uploaded a picture.  I think I am set……but wait.



My trackpad is acting up and I can’t seem to turn it off.  It was off before I upgraded but now it is going a little crazy.  Google to the rescue again and I am back in business.  This time I think it is for good, or at least for a while.  Hooray!!

P.S. Hooray too soon!!!    My computer and my printer are no longer speaking to each other.   I am trying to broker the agreement, but, so far no luck.  I will keep working on it.


1398795295000-microburstIn my little corner of Northern Colorado, the weather is 43° partly cloudy and very windy.  But this is nothing compared to the extreme weather that has hit the midwest and the southeast in the last few days.  Our thoughts are with the towns and families affected by the storms.


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9 Responses to COMPUTER g-EEK

  1. alifemoment says:

    A really nice garden 🙂

  2. It seems the ‘smaller’ the ‘fix’, the longer it takes and the more applications, peripherals, and interfaces are involved. The last time I had to upgrade my operating system (I’m a PC gal), I let my husband (who’s a computer programming professor) take care of it – it took a whole day to upgrade, update, and reinstall everything (and then I had to buy a new printer because my old one wouldn’t work with the new OS). Computers are essential tools these days, but they’re a real P.I.T.A.

  3. pobept says:

    So sorry to hear about your need to upgrade. My old PC (XP) windows computer died, my new one came loaded with windows7… Very little works without upgrading/updating hardware and or software
    Happy gardening

    • seniledenial says:

      Thanks for the comment. I have learned my lesson about computers, staying the course is not always the best. I also found your post about your “blog troll” very interesting. I did not know what that was so I googled it, and to my amusement, discovered that I had one of “those” a few months ago. I could not really understand the vitriol towards baby boomers in this person’s comment. I get it now! I think that it must chip away at the soul to spend time every day being a “hater”. I am happy to be a part of the a blogging community that is 99% of the time supportive and caring like yourself! Happy gardening to you as well!

  4. benzeknees says:

    I leave all the geekdom stuff to my hubby, thank goodness. Even though he gets really frustrated with it, at least he understands what is happening. Me – I just want to put stuff in & have stuff come out, play my games, do my writing, etc.

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