Little Darling, It’s Been A Long Cold……….

Little Darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter.


OK, maybe not a lonely winter.  In truth, it has been quite the opposite.  Lots of fun family time, good holidays, enjoying hot chocolate and snow filled festivities.  But come on, its the end of February, enough WINTER already.


I was coming out of the grocery store the other day, it was really cold and the wind was gusting  about 60 mph.  One of the employees was trying to collect the carts when all of a sudden he stopped, looked up at the sky and yelled “TURN IT OFF”.  I understood.  It was freezing and I couldn’t even open the door of my car against the wind.

Little Darling, it seems like years since it’s been here.


I realize that we in Colorado are not the only ones suffering.  The rest of the country has more snow than they know what to do with.  The Great Lakes are almost entirely frozen over.  Polar vortex and bombogenesis are newly learned vocabulary words we have at our disposal to describe this never-ending story!

Little Darling, I feel the ice is slowly melting.


I remember in high school back in the sixties in upstate New York.  I would be sitting in class thinking that this cold, gray, dank, snowy February would never end.  This month has reminded me of  those days.  But, I know that February is almost over.  Time doesn’t go backwards, only forward.  Is Spring just around the corner?

Here comes the sun.


I hope so!

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