Travel Woes

Just back from a short trip to Catalina Island for a wedding in which my daughter was a bridesmaid.  I was simply there to help her with the nine month old baby while she did the wedding festivities.  The weather and the Island were both great.


Traveling with a baby is always interesting, tiring and sometimes stressful.  In this case the baby was great.  We had lots of car, stroller, ferry, and airplane rides during the three days.  It made it hard for a baby that has been crawling for a while and just learned how to walk while holding onto fingers of an adult.  On the last day we were up early and had been traveling all day and it was time for the last plane ride.


The baby was ready for some milk and a nap when we got on the plane.   We chose a row with what looked like a business woman who was already seated in the aisle seat.  We were getting settled and the baby was crying.  I turned to her and said that he was looking for some milk and would probably just go to sleep.  It was too much for her so she said she would just move  “to give us more room”.  The business man across the aisle looked at her and said  “Ha! I guess some things are just not meant to be.”


Really?  The baby stopped crying as soon as he got some milk, fell asleep for the entire two-hour trip and woke up with a smile for everyone.  We were waiting on the jetway for our stroller when many flyers walked by and said what a good baby he had been on the plane.

Interesting that the only acting out we saw on that trip was by the adults!

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