The Importance of Being Dad

My kids are both in their late twenties now.  The other day they were reminiscing about the two years when I was in graduate school and Dad was in charge.  They were about nine and eleven at the time, and my loving and very supportive husband stayed home with the kids while I went to school and he started a new business out of our basement.


My kids will never forget those two great summers they had with their Dad.  He made a list at the beginning of each summer of all the things the kids wanted to do. He posted the list on the refrigerator and crossed each thing off as they did it.  They were just fun things, not too elaborate or too expensive.  They wanted to go to the drive-in movie, go to the city parks with all the different playground equipment, swim at water world, take a bike ride, go horseback riding etc.


My kids will always remember how their Dad went the extra mile to give them a couple of really good summers, and my husband will always remember how those two years brought him even closer to his kids.

We saw another Dad who had quite a moment with his kid this week, enjoy!

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