Dementia Is Not Inevitable

According to the Stanford Center On Longevity:  Exercise is the best thing you can do for your brain.  The latest research shows that cognitive decline is not inevitable.  The brain continues to make neurons and fine tune neural connections as long as we live.


Aerobic exercise starts the process in the brain.  John Medina, author of Brain Rules and affiliate professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington School of Medicine states that: ” It also slashes your lifetime risk of Alzheimer’s in half and your risk of general dementia by 60 percent.”

There have been a number of studies including one which tracked 19,458 physically fit adults for twenty-four years, and all the studies showed that everyone, young or old, can pump up their brainpower by exercising.


The best part is that the results show that you do not have to train for a marathon or go to a gym every day to reap the benefits.  150 minutes a WEEK of aerobic exercise is the gold standard.  Brisk walking is great and daily activities such as gardening or housecleaning are also beneficial.  So I guess we should all get moving, and stay moving!


On the same subject, I want to highly recommend a novel that I just finished.  It is called  Still Alice  by Lisa Genova.  It is a touching, believable portrait of Alzheimer’s.  A wonderful book.

Cover of "Still Alice"

Cover of Still Alice

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2 Responses to Dementia Is Not Inevitable

  1. Shelley says:

    I absolutely loved “Still Alice”. Gave it to my friend, who is a therapist. She recommends it to her clients. Great post.

    • seniledenial says:

      Thanks so much. I have worked with Alzheimer’s patients and this book gave me more of an insight into what they must be experiencing from the inside. It was the best book I read all summer.

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