Alzheimer’s: Reducing the Risk

As baby boomers I think that we have reached the age where we pay a little more attention when we have a memory lapse. We all have crossed a threshold and totally forgotten why we walked into the room.  How many times does the name of a movie or actor slip your mind.  In our house and at work the “post it” has become our best friend.


A few years ago I was driving in our town and I came to a red light.  The car in front of me did not go when the light turned green, and in fact it sat through a second green light.  I got out of my car and went up to the car in front.  An older gentleman was just sitting there.  I asked  “Are you all right, sir?”  He said  “I think so, I know that I live around here but I just can’t seem to remember where.  Nothing looks familiar.”  We talked for a while and he described a building near his home that I knew very well.  I had him follow me until we got to that building.  We stopped and I asked him if he knew where he was.  He said “Of course, my house is right over there.  I don’t know what happened to me, I have lived here all of my life.”


There have been recent stories in the news this week from the Alzheimer’s Association Conference in Boston.  One interesting study involved a half million people in France.  The results of the study shows that people who delay retirement have less risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.


Work tends to keep us more active while being socially and mentally engaged, all things that keep dementia away.  Since the downturn in the economy many baby boomers have faced the reality that they are not going to be able to retire as early as they thought.  But the good news is that as you work longer your brain is staying stronger!


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2 Responses to Alzheimer’s: Reducing the Risk

  1. bang the drum says:

    Why am I still working? I can’t seem to remember.

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