I Choose Happy

My husband’s parents told him the other day that they were just too old to get along anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, they were just kidding. (I think)  They have been devoted to each other for almost seventy years.  So they bicker, who doesn’t!  In fact, there has been a widely reported study that says that grumpier people live longer.


We in America should certainly live for a long, long time then.  Our politicians do nothing but bicker and yell.  In our town, the City Council is trying to decide what to do about the uncivilized behavior that occurs during meetings when the public from both sides of an issue are allowed to speak.

Political Arguing

Anybody who drives a car knows just how many incidents of road rage they see on any given day.  I slowed to a stop at a yellow-turning-red light the other day.  The car next to me also came to a stop.  But the car behind him, I guess, was thinking that the first car would run the yellow light and she would also get through.  I could see her very clearly as she started just pounding on her steering wheel. I could not hear what she was screaming at the guy in front of her but by the  look on her face I feel comfortable in saying it was not terms of endearment.


So, really?  As we age, anxiety increases, weight increases, wrinkles increase, we get grey hair and now if we want to live longer we should be grumpier.  Ah, but then I see another recent article that says that happier people live longer.


The first study was done in Germany and perhaps was too broad. So like many things including immunizations, hormone replacement, mammograms and prostate tests, first they say one thing and then another.  So we are left with doing our research and making our own decisions. Grumpy or happy.  Well I am tired of the whining, complaining, arguing and general grumpiness that is all around us.  I don’t want to be that older woman with the down turned mouth and sour look on her face all the time.  I saw this on a friend’s facebook page and made my decision.


The only person I can change is myself.   So I choose Happy!

By the way, in the middle of writing this post, I decided to run to the store for groceries. My car is absolutely dead in the garage.   Grrrr!   But, I still choose happy.  🙂

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7 Responses to I Choose Happy

  1. Shelley says:

    One of the many advantages of the aging process is you live long enough to realize that happiness is indeed a choice. You also realize that the times you are happiest seem to whiz by, while the miserable ones drag on by. Maybe that’s why the grumps (and those around them) THINK unhappy people live longer!

  2. Janet says:

    Love it! I choose happy too.

  3. Forest So Green says:

    Happy is more fun 🙂 Annie

  4. Right around my 40th birthday it finally dawned on me: I can choose to be happy. No lie….everything in my life changed for the better when I realized this!

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