My Yard Is Kicking My Butt

I live in a part of the country where gardening is a challenge.  The cold and the snow in April killed off the primary leaf buds on many of our trees.  Most of the lilacs did not bloom, although I did get this picture of the few surviving blossoms at the bottom of my plants.


But summer is here and the flowers are blooming.


The garden is starting to produce.


The wildlife is back.


The yard is growing like crazy and, what can I say, in my sixties it is just harder to keep up!


The heat is on and 99 degree temperatures are taking a toll on plants that were stressed by the cold in April.


Trees worry me the most.  My beautiful Radiant Crab tree had very few flowers this Spring and now the underneath leaves are turning yellow then brown and finally are dropping off.  Help!




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2 Responses to My Yard Is Kicking My Butt

  1. roberta4949 says:

    dont worry crab apple trees are tough crittors they will get new leaves, and bloom beautifully next year, the cold nearly killed some of my plants too when we had a sudden freeze late aprili into may, fortunantly my plants are well established and have the house and garage as a shelter against the north winds. sucks really first the plants have to deal iwht sudden freezes after they start growng their greenery then the heat of the summer, poor plants, they have to be tough to handle this type of climate scenario. it can be dissappointing I know.

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