Starting Summer Early

It’s not the 21st of June yet, but who cares, today I felt like starting summer early!  First, a morning walk with a close friend.  We are both busy helping our kids with new babies so it was time to catch up.  Then I moved on to the Farmer’s Market, one of the best things about summer.


My son was coming from work to have lunch with me and we both love fish tacos.   So I picked up our favorite tacos from the Matador Mexican Grill.  Fresh and summery.


I have loads of things to get done in the house today, but, since I am doing what I want for my early summer start, I think that I will spend some time in the jewelry studio.







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2 Responses to Starting Summer Early

  1. Forest So Green says:

    I agree that the farmers market is a great part of summer and I love your jewelry 🙂 Annie

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