Has Anyone Noticed That Aging Is Not Easy

My daughter’s in-laws came to visit her last week.  They spent time with the new baby and did some sight seeing.  The two of them decided that they would go to the top of Pikes Peak. Cars race to the top of this mountain in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  It looked like fun so they took the train to the top.


Now, they are both in their sixties and the top of the peak is at 14,110 feet.  It did not take much walking around at that altitude for them to both start feeling altitude sickness.  They spent the next day recovering.

My husband and I recalled how we just about did our parents “in” when we took them to altitude when they were in their sixties and we were in our twenties.  Anybody at any age can feel the effects of altitude, but we somehow thought our parents would be okay golfing in the mountains at 9600 feet.

Fall scenics of Keystone's Golf Course

It seems to be a surprise when you realize your parents are getting older.  Subtle shifts happen.  They were the strong ones that could get things done for us when we were children.  Even with seven kids, nothing ever seemed too much for my Mom.  I can count on one hand the number of times when she was sick when I was growing up.


But now I know what she was probably feeling as she got older.  My daughter and the baby were here for a few days. We love that!  But, my husband and I have gotten our work out by the time they leave.  There is a lot of  baby equipment to move, a lot of holding, changing, getting on the floor, playing with and walking the baby .  It is very active and we feel it in our knees, our backs and in the interrupted sleep.  We notice it!  We are not twenty anymore.  The changes are subtle.   I wonder if the kids have begun to notice it in us too.

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