Fitness After Sixty

There was an article the other day in my paper about fitness as we age.  Baby boomers have spent years participating in all kinds of exercise routines.  Health clubs appeared on every corner while we pursued racquet ball, running, weight lifting, aerobics, kick boxing and on and on.  We started biking, hiking, kayaking as well as participating in adult swimming and adult softball and soccer leagues.  All was well.


But then things started to happen.  Just within our group of friends (all in their fifties and sixties) there were 2 broken wrists and a broken ankle all as a result of accidents while exercising.   Bad knees have limited biking, hip replacement has limited soccer and migraines has limited aerobics with myself and other friends.


In the article from the paper the 86-year-old man had knees that simply could not take the pounding of competitive running anymore. His answer was to start rowing instead.  He now is a medal winner nationally and internationally.

Exercise at any age.

Cyrus McKrimmon/ The Denver Post

The main thing is to keep moving.  Find what you love and as Tim Gunn says “Make it work”.   Grand-parenting is working for me right now.  10,000 steps?  That’s easy when you are walking a fussy baby. Getting up and down out of a chair with a sixteen pound baby in your arms is great for your glutes.  Babies need “tummy time” on the floor  these days, and it’s great for me to do stretching and then core and balance work as you get up from the floor.  Dancing to the music with the baby in your arms is always great.  No baby?  Check this woman out. It’s fun!

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