The Most Popular Man In The Room

This morning I was reading the news headlines when this article from a site called Fitbie caught my attention.  It was titled  “Ten People Over 70 Who Are Fitter Than You”.   So, since I am working my way through my sixties, I thought I would take a look at it for information, inspiration or maybe just a little super fitness envy.  There is no denying that these ten are remarkable.  The group ranges from a 70-year-old lifeguard, a 76-year-old female body building champion and an 82-year-old triathlete who is the oldest woman to compete in the Iron Man World Championship to a man who, at the age of 100, is the oldest person to run a marathon.


These are all wonderful accomplishments by older people.  But, after a trip back to see his parents, who are both in their nineties and live in an independent senior living complex,  my husband has found a simpler and hopefully more attainable goal. Women tend to live longer than men, we know that.  Consequently, there are many more women than men in senior living facilities. But, do you know who are the most popular men in the living facility?  They are the ones who stand up straight!


My in-laws, both in their nineties, have posture that is more like a right angle.   The result is a better view of the ground than what is in front of them.  According to Health Magazine, good posture will, by far, make you look younger than Botox or face-lifts.  Bone density peaks at 30 and then starts to decrease.

So, my husband and I are making a pact.  We will stand tall into our nineties.  Health Magazine gives 10 things to do to maintain good posture as you age.  They include simple things such as stretching, sitting up tall at your desk, yoga or pilates and monitoring bone density. I like this goal. It is not trying to be the oldest or strongest or biggest or fastest.  We are just trying to stand tall as we age.




Health Magazine article:  10 Ways to Have Great Posture as You Age

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2 Responses to The Most Popular Man In The Room

  1. Mac Léinn says:

    Haha 🙂 That’s a great goal! I don’t know about running a marathon at 100 lol

    • seniledenial says:

      Thanks so much for the comment. As a physical therapist I agree that it is a great goal! We are also simpatico on running or NOT running a marathon at 100. 🙂

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