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Fitness After Sixty

There was an article the other day in my paper about fitness as we age.  Baby boomers have spent years participating in all kinds of exercise routines.  Health clubs appeared on every corner while we pursued racquet ball, running, weight … Continue reading

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Utter Devastation Utter Heartbreak

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Oklahoma as they try to cope with the aftermath of a devastating tornado. Ours hearts break just a little bit every time one of these tragedies occur. Benjamin Krain/Getty Images … Continue reading

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The Most Popular Man In The Room

This morning I was reading the news headlines when this article from a site called Fitbie caught my attention.  It was titled  “Ten People Over 70 Who Are Fitter Than You”.   So, since I am working my way through my sixties, … Continue reading

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The Ten Best Things About Getting Older

The ten best things about getting older: 10:  Senior discounts: (Peter Steiner cartoon, New Yorker Magazine) According to Time magazine, baby boomers love getting a deal just as much as the next person, but, hate the idea of getting a … Continue reading

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May Day! May Day!

I didn’t think I would be writing about this.  I didn’t want to be writing about this.  But, the Groundhog Day nightmare continues.  I said in my last blog that Tuesday, April 30th was going to be our last chance to … Continue reading

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