Stuck In Groundhog Day

Remember that movie Groundhog Day?  You know, it’s the one where Bill Murray, after a freak snow storm, gets stuck in Punxsutawney, PA reliving groundhog day over and over and over again.

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Colorado has fallen into that alternate universe of groundhog day.  It is supposed to be Spring , but every week we are waking up to the same freak snow storm over and over again.


April 9, 2013: A few inches, no big deal.


April 16, 2013: 20 inches by the end of the storm, WHAT!!?


April 23, 2013: 4-5 inches, it’s almost May!

Jeff Foxworthy claims that the four seasons in Colorado are: almost winter, winter, still winter and spring blizzards. He could be right.  Hell, there is even an all points bulletin put out by the Montgomery County police department for Punxsutawney Phil for the charge of  FRAUD.


We are waiting.  One week from now is April 30th, the last chance to get some of those April (RAIN) showers that bring May flowers.


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