One Last Thought

The entire process of losing a parent is very painful for anyone.  No matter how old they are or what a long and wonderful life they had, they are still your parents and it is a very sad time to face a world with them no longer in it.


My husband and I had this idea that my Mom was so old at the age of ninety-four, that as she got ever more frail she would just maybe go to sleep one night and never wake up.  Or, if she had an incident that took her to the hospital, it would not be for long.


Unfortunately, those ideas were just wishful thinking.  The reality of losing a loved one is never how you think it is going to be. My Mom’s last weeks included an incident at home resulting in a trip to the hospital, days of testing, admission to ICU,  feeding and breathing tubes and eventual entry into hospice with days of lingering.


Our family lost Mom on a cold, blizzardy, foot of snow, winter day.  We enter the world in our own way.  There are a million birth stories.  It seems that we leave the world the same way.  We just don’t know what that way is going to be until we get there.


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