Ruth & Erica

It’s not easy getting older and it certainly is not easy watching parents age.  We baby boomers are doing exactly that.  I was reading a blog on WordPress ( I am sorry that I can’t remember which one) that mentioned  Ruth & Erica,  an original drama about aging and caregiving.


I found the show on the WIGS channel on You Tube.  Each of the thirteen episodes runs around six to twelve minutes and tells the story of a single child Erica, played by Maura Tierney, and her decision that it is time for her parents to sell their family home and move into a smaller and more supervised situation.  The Dad is having memory problems and the Mom is resistant to the move.


The episodes are touching, funny, sad and well worth watching for anyone, but especially for those of us that are facing these same situations every day.


Enjoy watching the first episode, you can find the rest on You Tube by searching for Ruth & Erica

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2 Responses to Ruth & Erica

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I’m leaving this blog open so I remember to watch it after the little guy’s gone to bed for the night. It sounds like I’ll be moved.

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