All is Not Calm

You know, I don’t feel old (most of the time).    My siblings and I are all in our fifties and sixties.  Every time the oldest moves into a new decade, the rest of us adjust our perception of what “old” is.  I know we used to think that sixty was old and seventy was ancient, but not so much anymore.  Sixty is like upper middle age, right?


OK, so we have established that at sixty-two, I am not old (at least in my own mind I’m not).  But there are a few age related  things that have begun to sneak in.

My kids come in and ask: “Why is the TV so loud?”  I think to myself, “Hmm, I don’t think it is that loud and the people on TV are not speaking clearly enough”.   Hearing loss?  What?


Or, as I get out and drive at night I have begun to wonder just why the glare of oncoming car headlights is so bright, or roads that are dimly lit seem more difficult to navigate now.  Night blindness?  Impossible!


The holiday rush!  It arrived after a long and contentious election and hurricane Sandy.  Thanksgiving brought Black Friday (starting on Thursday this year), cyber Monday, buy local Saturday and the “get your best deal early atmosphere”.  We are facing the fiscal cliff and the end of the world as we know it (according to the Mayans).   Increased anxiety as we age???


Really, I think that I am just longing for the “All is calm, all is bright”.


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2 Responses to All is Not Calm

  1. Here is my definition of old: my current age, plus 10 years. Remember, in our 20’s we didn’t trust anyone over 30?

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