Always The Mom

After a week of many things to be thankful for, one thing has become very clear.  My husband and I have discovered that you just never stop being parents.  As I have mentioned before, my daughter, her husband and their dog have moved from another state back to our state.  It has been 10 years since she left home for college in the Southwest, so needless to say we are happy to have her and her family back.

Of course, nothing is simple.  As I sit here in my daughter’s new home waiting for the TV, phone, and internet service people to show up I was thinking about the changes in all of our lives.   The kids are both working for their same companies but they have to contend with new offices, new co-workers, finding a new place to live and all the mess with moving and unpacking while getting the dog adjusted to everything.  Oh, and then of course there is the fact that my daughter is eight months pregnant with her first child.

I have a good friend with a daughter who also moved back with her husband and two children a few months ago.  As we were walking the other day she warned me that my life was never going to be the same.   The grandparent role is a very busy one (even though the baby is not here yet).  But, when it comes to your kids, you just do it.  You let them move into your house with their dog,  you drive all over the city helping them find a place to live, you sit in their house waiting for service men to come and electronically connect them to the world. You give them all the love and support that they need.  Because, after all, no matter how old they get, you just never stop being their Mom and Dad.

That’s what families do!

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