The Sounds of Silence

The Four Seasons sang about it, you know, “Silence is golden”.   The original quote says  “Speech is silver, but silence is golden”.  The phone is quiet this morning.  I have not even had ONE call.  I am working away, with the TV on in the background, and I have not heard one commercial telling me the dire circumstances if I vote for one candidate or another.   At last the never-ending campaign is actually over and as my Mother used to say, it feels like pouring cold water on a hot burn!

We can all relax and take a breath.  This political season has come to an end.  It’s time to focus on other things, like enjoying the last few days of a spectacular fall.  Or, maybe time to plan that next trip, the one where we go “Over the river and through the woods”.

But wait!  It’s still almost 2 months before Christmas when what do I hear?  Why it’s the sound of faint jingle bells becoming quite clear!!  And then, what to my utter surprise do I see, but a great BIG dog with presents on my TV.

So, the presidential campaign is no longer a race.  The holiday season will now takes its place.

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