CNN vs Spirit

Ah, the seasons are merging.  The leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter, the pumpkins are showing up on the front porches and cooler weather is upon us.  But, the political heat is ramping up.  The barrage of everything political is out of control.  Every other piece of mail, every commercial on TV and on radio, yard signs everywhere and every time the doorbell rings.  It is ALL political.

The polls change minute by minute and every day we get the new numbers.  Today, Rasmussen Reports puts Romney at 48% and Obama at 47%.   Polltracker has Romney at 46.9% and Obama at 49.1%.   CNN has a poll for every state and every issue.  It’s enough to make you scream!

Prognostications aside, all we really have to do is look to Spirit to tell us who is going to win the election.    Spirit Halloween Stores have their own polls based on the number of presidential halloween masks that are sold.  Since 1996 the masks have told the story.

1996  Clinton vs Dole:                 

2000  Gore vs Bush:

2004  Kerry vs Bush:                        

2008 Obama vs McCain:                          

Well, at this point the statistics for 2012 Obama vs Romney:

Yes, but there’s still 14 days to go!!

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