You Know It’s Fall When

It never fails.  The kids go back to school and it is still blistering hot, leaving the kids sweaty, overheated and lethargic.  This year was no exception.

But, then Labor Day rolls around and, without fail, the weather starts to change.  The mornings become a little crisper and the skies a little more blue.  We hear that the trees in the high country are beginning to turn. The drought has sped up the process this year.

It’s time to share the produce coming out of the garden as it is impossible to eat it fast enough!

The offerings at the farmer’s markets are changing, but one of my all time local favorites is showing up.  The colorful chile pepper harvest is in full swing.

The chile peppers are ready for roasting.  The smell is very distinctive as the peppers in the barrel turn over the open flame.

The vendors pack the hot peppers in baggies and although they don’t look very appetizing, they will continue to steam and soften as they cool.

So, I couldn’t resist the peppers.  I will rinse them, pull off the charred bits, chop them, and make a little chile relleno casserole (always delicious) to usher in the Fall season.

This is posting before my casserole has been made, the picture is from and is similar to my dish.

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