A Ray Of Olympic Sunshine

Like millions of other people around the world, our family is enjoying the dramatic and emotional ride that is the Olympics.  We take the opportunity to appreciate sports that we don’t usually get to see as well as taking in the marquee moments we come to expect.

Kim Rode set an Olympic record in shooting by hitting 99 0f 100 shots to become the first American with individual medals in five straight olympics.




The Chinese women are amazing to watch with their near perfection as they dive to become the eventual gold medal winners.


The American girls won the silver medal in the same diving event.  They knew that they were meant to be a team when they discovered that they both collected ducks.  Too cute!


The Great Britain Men’s Gymnastic team coming through for the host nation with a bronze medal.  Sheer joy!


Admiration for Jordyn Wieber, displaying  class and poise in leading The US Women’s gymnastic team to the gold medal.


Michael    Phelps has now won the most medals of any olympian in history.  There is no denying the dedication, talent and skill that goes into such an achievement, not to mention the help of his teammates.


Missy Franklin,  the seventeen year old, Justin Bieber loving high school girl with a big heart and a bigger smile.  She won her first individual medal, a gold one, in the 100 meter backstroke.   We congratulate her and as a Colorado girl, we thank her for bringing some light back to a part of the country that has been bowed but not broken by devastating wildfires and a tragic,  senseless shooting.


A little olympic swim team fun.

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2 Responses to A Ray Of Olympic Sunshine

  1. Curly Miri says:

    Did you check out the men’s double sculls rowing? High five to New Zealand! I’m now excited about watching the olympics 🙂

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