Nature Can Be Creepy

I am on my own this week.  My husband is visiting his family.  His folks are both in their nineties and the family is having a celebratory dinner.  I hate to admit it but I have a big issue with flying, especially  in the dead of summer.  I guess it stems from an episode when I was stuck in a plane on a tarmac in Chicago, on a ninety-five degree day, with power that had unexpectedly shut down, including the air conditioning.   The panic was palpable as we passengers started peeling off whatever clothes we could while trying to maintain our cool. I now try to fly only during cooler weather. I will visit my ninety-four year old Mom in the fall!

Even last week a plane got stuck in the asphalt at Reagan Airport because of extreme heat.  I rest my case.

So I stay home and enjoy a little “me time”.   My friends and I laugh about the things that seem to happen as soon as our spouses are out-of-town.  You know what I mean.  The car breaks down, the basement floods, the air conditioner stops working.  Those things are a pain, no doubt about it, but they don’t happen to me.   At my house the creepy wildlife shows up as soon as they realize I am alone in the house.

The first time I really noticed it was when my husband was away and I came downstairs in my bare feet and stepped on a dead and slightly mutilated mouse.  It of course is not the mouse pictured above.  After interaction with my cat and my feet, that mouse was not camera ready!

One trip resulted with a fox at my front door at ten-thirty at night and another with a mini invasion of spiders into my house. ( Have I mentioned that I HATE spiders?)






Before my husband left this week we found a snake in the back yard.  I almost stepped on it.



Oh, wait, that is what the snake looked like in my head.  This is what it really looked like.  Better, but not much!

So, I was somewhat ready for whatever was gonna happen when the hubby left this time.  Sure enough, the first night alone I was stepping out onto my patio to check out the rain shower when I spied something out of the corner of my eye.  Climbing onto the patio about three feet from where I was standing and coming towards me……..

Oh, GREAT.  Twelve years we have lived in this house and I have never seen a skunk in the yard.  The problem is that in our town this summer there have been eleven rabid skunks found.  So of course I jumped back into the house and turned on the light to see where he was going.   Naturally, he ran right under my deck.

I can’t wait for this trip to be over!


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