Not So Average Swimsuits

Swimsuits!  I saw two things in the last few days that got me thinking about them.  First, do you know that “back in the day” there were advertisements for women to put on weight, to gain those sexy curves and become popular with the men.  I am actually old enough to remember this product.








It seems that fifty years ago the average women was  5’3″- 5’4″ tall with a waist size of 24-25 inches and weight of 120 pounds.  Today the average woman is still 5’4″ tall with a waist that is 34-35 inches and she weighs 140 -150 pounds.  I am not positive but I know that if Wate -On is still in business, we never see ads for it any more.   By the way, fifty years ago that average woman wore a size 8.   Today’s average woman weighing 25 pounds more and having a waist that is 10 inches bigger is still wearing a size 8 thanks to a fashion industry not wanting to lose a sale.   To go along with that, the average model back in the  day was a size 8, and now they are on average a size 2 or a size 0.

























Interesting that swimsuits have gotten smaller and smaller and really only look good on women that are a size 2 or 0.  What got me thinking about it was my trip to the grocery store yesterday.  I live in the Rocky Mountain region, not a beach town.  So I admit do being taken aback when I saw what looked like a Mom and her maybe fourteen year old daughter walking into the store.  The teen was pretty and had a great body and was wearing a teeny tiny swimsuit kind of like the one on this model.



She was a cute girl, with a cute suit for the beach or the pool, but, the grocery store?   As a Mom with a daughter………..I just don’tknow.




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2 Responses to Not So Average Swimsuits

  1. ladyeeyore7 says:

    I remember the weight gain stuff also. As far as the swimsuits are concerned it seems like they are, literally, inches away from being completely naked. I think the birthday suit is just around the corner as acceptable street wear….

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