Flags, No Fireworks and the Fourth of July

I was walking in the neighborhood enjoying the quiet of a holiday morning.  This Fourth of July is going to be a bit quieter than usual.  The extreme heat, the tinder dry conditions and the overwhelming destruction of the wildfires in the past few weeks have prompted most of the cities in our area of the country to cancel any and all fireworks.  While we all love a good firework display,  I think that we all applaud the decision.

So, instead, we will celebrate with other festivities.   We’ll enjoy the burst of color in the flowers around town.

The explosion of flavor from the barbecue.

The squeals of delight from the children playing in the neighborhood pool.

Taking a moment to remember what the celebration is all about.

Enjoy the day!

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5 Responses to Flags, No Fireworks and the Fourth of July

  1. Janet says:

    You too! Happy 4th

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  4. Thank you for following me, and hope you enjoyed that good lookin burger in your home with a refreshing swim… best to you as your flag flies proudly..

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