The Sounds of Summer

It’s only been summer for a week, but we’re deep in the throes of it.  In my part of the country the temperatures have been blistering. We have had 100 degrees or more for the past five days with humidity in the single digits.  The summer sounds now include the drone of slurry bombers and water dropping helicopters.

Wind driven wildfires exploded yesterday making their run towards two more cities in Colorado.  Neighborhoods burned!

In the southeastern part of the country Floridians are hearing thunderstorms and torrential downpours from  tropical storm “Debby” as they are deluged  with flood waters.  If only burning Colorado could get those floodwaters from Florida dumped on all the fires.

Next week is the Fourth of July and of course the “oohs”  and ”  “aahs” of excited children and their parents will be heard all over the country at fireworks displays.   It remains to be seen whether there will be many displays in our fire prone part of the country.

But the best summer sound I heard this week was from that summer staple, the amusement park.  Sometimes you just need to laugh.

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2 Responses to The Sounds of Summer

  1. ladyeeyore7 says:

    Some of your pictures and comments give me the impression you live in Arvada the same as I do! Very entertaining blog!

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