Give Me The Simple Life

As more or less typical baby boomers, my husband and I are thinking about simplifying our lives.  We just don’t need as much of anything these days.  Leading the list is food.  The pantry used to be packed with snacks and various sundries that my kids could eat and share with their friends after school.  Lately I have been focusing on simpler eating from local sources.  So over the weekend four friends and I made our way to one of the local farmers markets in our town.

Glorious fresh food, herbs, flowers, breads and sweets. We had a reprieve from the High Park fire smoke and the morning was beautiful.  There was also a vintage market going on at the same time so we made our way over there.

We finished up the morning with an annual (30 years and counting) garden tour fundraiser in our town.

A stroll on a beautiful Saturday morning with colorful food, great conversation, beautiful gardens and good friends.   The simple life?  I’ll take it!

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4 Responses to Give Me The Simple Life

  1. Ahhh the farmers’ markets! Your photos are beautiful – we really can’t miss though. The food is always displayed like works of art. I like your blog, and I see that you have visited mine – thanks. The simple life IS so appealing these days, and our earth will truly benefit from our living lighter.
    Enjoy your summer!

  2. cestlavie22 says:

    Sounds like such a fun day. I learned recently that there is actually a farmers market in my town once a week- who knew?

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