Nature Has The Last Word

It is hard to blog about anything other than the story that is dominating our news.  I live in a part of the country that is on fire, a hot, dry and devastating start to what could be a long summer.  The dramatic and sometimes beautiful pictures from the fire stand in stark contrast to the sadness and destruction that many families are facing.

Saturday June 9th:  Day 1 of the fire.

The smoke eventually travels  sixty miles to Denver, north to Wyoming and east to Nebraska.

Sunday June 10th: Day 2 of fire.

The fierce beauty of the fire at sunset, taken from my front yard.

Monday June 11th: Day 3 of fire.

The smoke is so thick that the planes can not even fly into the area to drop retardant.  2,000 evacuations, 100 structures and sadly 1 life lost.

Tuesday June 12: Day 4 of the fire.

Approximately 44,ooo acres burned and countless wild and farm animals all displaced. Some neighborhoods are awaiting pre-evacuation orders, hoping that they never come.

Wednesday June 13: Day 5 of the fire.

The fire is over 46,000 acres and those pre-evacuation orders went out. There is about 10% containment but temperatures in the nineties with very low humidity does not bode well for over-worked firefighters fighting fires in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado as well as weary families that want to know if they still have homes to go back to.  Our thoughts, prayers and hearts go out to all affected by the High Park and all other wildfires.

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2 Responses to Nature Has The Last Word

  1. I hope you will be safe! Nature can be a beautiful yet terrible thing!

    • seniledenial says:

      Thanks for the good wishes. Smoke in our town is our only small problem as we lend support to firefighters and residents who are being directly affected by the fire.

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