Living Small

This has come up a number of times in the last few months.  At a party with the neighbors, at my book club and while out with friends, the question about downsizing seems to be a hot topic.  My daughter is married and living in another state, and my son is living in his own house.  Many of my friends are in the same boat.  We are standing in homes that are too big with too much stuff and yards that are too hard to keep up. So what are we going to do?

My kids love our house and the yard, they don’t want anything to change.  There are so many wonderful family memories here that it is hard to think of moving.


Downsizing to a patio home or condo has a certain appeal.  Maybe a small place where my daughter lives and a small place here where my son lives.  I like the sound of that.







A few couples that I know have sold their homes and taken to the open road.  They love the freedom and the chance to see the country.  Fifth wheels can be beautiful, but, car sickness and migraines make me think that this is not my option.








Looking for the simple life is popular in our region.  The Denver Post ran an article about a couple taking their 7′ x 19′  tiny house into the mountains of Colorado.  A little too rustic and solitary for me!


OK, I saw this one on TV the other day.  All I can say is that it’s a good thing that it includes a bar.  It is a dumpster and the designer is showing the toilet to Rachael Ray.  We baby boomers are thinking about downsizing into smaller creative spaces, but, we have our limits!

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6 Responses to Living Small

  1. Janet says:

    It is indeed a dilemma. Ah what to do?

  2. oldmarion says:

    On top of that our children seem to find it hard to find a property themselves. This always makes me feel even more guilty about the size of my house. So currently my daughter and her son live with us! While they are in my house, we go traveling round the world. This is working well for us all!

  3. oldmarion says:

    Still loving your blog, so I nominated it as Most Versatile Blogger Award. Good luck.

    • seniledenial says:

      Thank you so much for the nomination, I truly appreciate it. I am enjoying your blog very much and am inspired by other baby boomers writing their thoughts and experiences while in the unchartered waters of living senior. :o)

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