Magnificent May

In this part of the country April and May can be pretty dicey as far as the weather is concerned, including some iconic snowstorms in May.  But, this year has been different.  In most of the country including the Rocky Mountain region Spring came early and stayed.  Beautiful!

Pink flowering almond.

Lilacs and irises, both favorites of mine.  The yard was redolent with the sweet perfume of the lilacs.

Part of the rabbit family that lives under the deck.

The fox is a little bummed out that he can’t fit under the deck.

Iris garden in the neighborhood.  Lovely.

Radiant crab tree.

Beautiful Rocky Mountain Columbine!

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4 Responses to Magnificent May

  1. Janet says:

    Beautiful pictures. Thank you. Makes me feel like spring!!!

  2. etomczyk says:

    I’ve read several of your posts but couldn’t resist leaving a comment on this one: the pictures are just stunning. And to think you live in the midst of this heaven. But you want to move? There’s something to be said for familiarity and a great neighborhood. Can you hire someone to do the yard work(referencing your other post about down-sizing)? 🙂 Anyway, may you have many more years of taking pictures of the little piece of Heaven God has blessed you with. Cheers!

    • seniledenial says:

      Thus, the dilemma! I love my house and my yard. My husband and I share lunch and “take a little time to smell the roses” everyday before he goes back to work. I also miss my daughter who lives in another state, but my son lives here. Indeed, I feel blessed all the way around with the family I have and the beautiful place where I live. My problems are small compared to many and I am thankful everyday! Thanks for taking some time with my blog. :O)

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