Is This What We Want To Say To Our Girls?

About ten years ago Jamie Lee Curtis posed in More Magazine without any makeup on and wearing just her underwear. The idea was an attempt to show what her body really looked like.  At the time she was concerned about the unrealistic expectations that women of all ages have trying to look as the actresses, singers and models in the magazines do.

It was a hot topic at the time, and the hope was that we could move ourselves and our daughters beyond the obsession to look thinner, younger and sexier and be more content with our body image.  It was a lofty goal, but sadly, we have not come a long way, baby.  The issue came up recently when Ashley Judd spoke out about the criticism aimed at her saying that she had plumped up her face with injections while in truth her cheeks became puffy as a result of steroids given for an infection.

Even Britney Spears was unhappy when a Candies campaign ran a photoshopped picture of her.  She actually had the un-retouched photos released to show that she was proud of the way she looked.

Faith Hill was also disappointed when Redbook retouched a cover photo of her that slimmed down her arm to about half the size.  Just how much weight do you have to lose to look like that???

Age does not seem to make a difference as this picture of Madonna points out.  This is an ad that goes way, way beyond in the retouching department.

Let’s face it, we all have things that we don’t like about the way we look.  But for the sake of our daughters and ourselves wouldn’t it be nice if we could just focus on the positive?

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8 Responses to Is This What We Want To Say To Our Girls?

  1. youareherex says:

    I’m not sure who decides these things, I’m a middle age average guy and I perfer the natural pics above and believe or like to think there are other men who feel the same way I do. So as I asked who is deciding these things? They, whoever they are, are telling men what we are suppose to like as much as they are trying to tell women what ya’ll are suppose to look like.

  2. Janet says:

    Well said!

  3. Definitely well said! Great to hear a man’s point of view.

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