Please, Take My Headache

Springtime in the Rockies is always dynamic.  We are sort of the poster child for the “if you don’t like the weather now just wait a minute” crowd.  Spring storms race through turning warm sunny seventy degree mornings into blustery sleet-filled  forty degree afternoons.









This kind of weather at our altitude means one thing to me,  migraines!  For eighteen years now these suckers have been hanging around. Doctors have assured me that as I get older they will probably disappear.  Just how old do I have to get?



Over the years I have tried lots of things.   Imitrex works for me most of the time, but you can’t take too much or you rebound into more headaches.  So you try to stay away from trigger foods: some cheeses, some meats, nuts, alcohol.  You try to get enough sleep, but not too much, eat the right foods at the right time, drink caffeine and exercise some, but not too much, or you end up with a migraine.  Oh and don’t forget, don’t get the sun in your eyes (visors and wrap around sunglasses are such a great fashion statement) and don’t wear high heels, very headache inducing.



Acupuncture has helped me but I have not taken the next step into botox yet.  It is intriguing to think I could  reduce my headaches AND the wrinkles in my face,  but I am not sure I am ready for thirty shots in my head four or five times a year.







My husband has been nothing short of fantastic over the years and I try not to complain too much.  But today I guess I just have to rant.  I am sick of having headaches.  I’m sixty-one, enough already.  Oh well, maybe this is just the migraine talking.

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