Nature Has The Last Word

I live in an absolutely beautiful part of the country.  It’s scenic beauty is second to none.



Every season has something to offer.









We learn to live with the extremes.  In the winter we can reach twenty  below and in the summer the temperatures can soar to over a hundred degrees.  It is not unusual for our temperatures to drop fifty degrees in one day and our gardens and yards often suffer as a result.









When we get a spring that has been as beautiful and warm as this one has we try to enjoy it while we can.   March is our snowiest month, but this year March has been nothing but sunny, warm and dry.  Nature is very fickle, though, and we know there often is a payback  for weather this unusual.  With humidity at four percent and wind at ninety miles an hour a small fire in our region has become a blazing inferno.  The pictures are dramatic and the losses are heart breaking.



Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families affected by this fire.

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