Sherlock Holmes and the Full Circle Moment

I had a couple of things on my list to get done this week.  The first required the use of a sewing machine.   When I was in my twenties I bought a used Singer sewing machine so I could make some of my own clothes.  It was cheap  and I could make exactly what I wanted.  I have not used or seen this machine since we moved twelve years ago.  The machine was a model from the 1960’s and I was not sure it would even still work.  So we went down to the basement to look for it.

While obviously not the sewing machine I was going to use, this Singer sewing table also sits in our house.  It was passed down from my husband’s family to us and comes from the late 1800’s.  While we have a more contemporary style in our house, this table brings back childhood memories for my husband.  There is something to be said for that, so it sits prominently in our house just the way it looked in  his childhood home.

We found the sewing machine in the basement, wiped it clean, vacuumed the dust out and found some thread and bobbins.  Shout out to Singer as the machine runs as smoothly as ever!

The second thing I needed to do was get a birthday present for my beloved’s birthday.  As a kid my husband remembers watching old movies on the weekends. Charlie Chan was one of his favorites, and consequently, this is also what he wants for his birthday.  The search is on.

This will be a new series that he can add to his other favorite collection of Sherlock Holmes!

As a couple we have watched all of the Sherlock Holmes DVDs.  This brings me back to my childhood.  We didn’t get to hang out with my Dad very much when we were kids, but when we did it was special to us.  We all remember when he would read Edgar Allen Poe to us (an odd choice for a bed time story, but I have loved the genre ever since) and when he would watch Sherlock Holmes with us.  The shows were a little slow for us as kids and maybe a little over our heads, but we wanted to be with our Dad.

Our kids know that their Dad and I have watched those Sherlock Holmes DVDs on many a Saturday night.  At times that have tried to watch them with us over the years but they were just too slow for them, also.   I guess those childhood memories have come full circle!

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