Shout Out To Oscar Boomers

So February brings an end to the awards show season with the Oscars.  But, since there is still one more leap day in this month I thought I would give a shout out those baby boomers we saw on the red carpet.

Angelina’s right leg not withstanding and J Lo’s alleged wardrobe malfunction aside,  there were some over fifty stars making their presence known.

Three time oscar winner Meryl Streep at the age of sixty-two is a great example of success in her field without cosmetic procedures making her unrecognizable to us, her fans.  George Clooney, at the age of fifty, is one of the younger baby boomers.  But honestly, who wouldn’t want to look at him even though he tends to show up at events with women far outside the boomer demographic.  She is thirty-two, but, you know, whatever!


Billy Crystal was called upon to step into the show after a controversy caused a sudden shuffle of director and host.  At sixty-two, Billy brought experience, well-worn humor and a little controversy of his own.  Glenn Close at sixty-four was nominated for her role as a woman playing a man in Albert Nobbs.  She seems pretty fearless.

Two beauties in their mid fifties, Melanie Griffith and Bo Derek, are still looking beautiful.  Neither one nominated for an award, but still looking good, with a nod and a wink to spanx, botox, collagen etc….

And finally, the big winner in best picture was The Artist starring that ebullient, 70-year-old , in dog years of course, Uggie.  Families had given up on this Jack Russell because he was too feisty and hard to handle. Then he was saved from the pound by his new owner and animal trainer.   Just proof to all aging boomers that you are never too old  to learn new tricks.

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2 Responses to Shout Out To Oscar Boomers

  1. bang the drum says:

    Great posting; Uggie’s my hero!

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