My Week in the Heat

Three of my favorite things in the world happen on the first week in February.  My daughter has her birthday, Tucson, Arizona hosts the largest bead show in the country and the Super Bowl is played.  Since my daughter and her husband live in Arizona, it is the perfect time to leave the cold and snowy North  and head for the warm and bright Valley of the Sun.

We spent the first full day going down to Tucson for the bead show.  You could spend every day of the 2 weeks that the show runs and still not see everything.  There are 40 different sites and literally 100’s of vendors with gems, beads, jewelry, tools, fossils and minerals!  More time and more money are always in short supply, but I always manage to get a few nice treasures.

The Superbowl is always fun.  It is the only day of the year that I eat chicken wings.  So,  I guess I will give a shout out to Buffalo Wild Wings, in particular the Asian Zing Wings were great!  Neither the Patriots nor the Giants are our teams, we were still impressed with how Eli and the Giants pulled it together this year, so we were happy when they won.

The sun, the warmth and spending time with my daughter and her husband was the best.  I try not to hope for bad weather at home when I am away but this time we did manage to miss lots of snow and cold, cold temperatures.  Coming back was a bit of a shock.  And, of course, traveling always has some surprises.

The full body scanners were being used at both airports that we traveled through.  Although the man in this picture is standing perfectly still, my husband went into the scanner, “assumed the position”, and exited when someone said “OK, sir”.  Unfortunately, they were not talking to him.  TSA  was not happy when he moved, so we all know what was next…..

The dreaded TSA pat-down.  Oh well, vacations are not always perfect.

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One Response to My Week in the Heat

  1. bang the drum says:

    Your husband needs to get out more!

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