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Shout Out To Oscar Boomers

So February brings an end to the awards show season with the Oscars.  But, since there is still one more leap day in this month I thought I would give a shout out those baby boomers we saw on the … Continue reading

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5 Boomer Surprises

My kids were always amazed at the things we did not have as we were growing up in the fifties and sixties.  They could not imagine life without microwaves, cordless phones, DVDs, DVRs, or personal computers.  We didn’t think it … Continue reading

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Anxiously Awaiting the First Sign

I remember when we were little and it snowed.  We would just love to dress up in our snow suits and go outside to build snowmen, have snowball fights and build snow forts.  In my neighborhood there was always a … Continue reading

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My Week in the Heat

Three of my favorite things in the world happen on the first week in February.  My daughter has her birthday, Tucson, Arizona hosts the largest bead show in the country and the Super Bowl is played.  Since my daughter and … Continue reading

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