Will You Still Need Me…. When I’m Sixty-Four?

I was thirteen when I Want To Hold Your Hand was released by the Beatles in America. There is no denying that I loved the fab four.  How could any young girl not think that Paul deserved that title of the  “cute Beatle”.

When Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released there was that sweet little song by Paul:

When I get older, losing my hair,

many years from now,

will you still be sending me a valentine

birthday greeting bottle of wine?

…..Will you still need me

will you still feed me

when I’m sixty-four?

I loved this song.  It had whimsy and charm, it was sweet and far-fetched.  After all Paul McCartney was never going to be sixty-four and neither was I.

But here we are.  Myself, my friends and family members are all in our fifties and sixties.   As a matter of fact, ten thousand people will turn sixty-five every single day for the next twenty years.  By 2050 1 in 5 Americans will be seniors.

So, here are some questions to ponder for all us baby boomers living senior:

  • How long do we live in an “empty nest” house with too much room or too much yard?
  • Whether by choice or because of the economy, “aging in place” in one’s longtime home is the overwhelming preference of Americans over fifty.  Is that a possibility in our current house?
  • There is an article in the newspaper about a couple that got the jump on downsizing by moving into a retirement village when they were in their sixties.  Is that something to be considered?
  • Is retirement in the cards?  Or, whether by choice or necessity, is working beyond retirement age the way to go?
  • Finally, we have all faced some difficult issues with the aging of our parents.  So, how are we going to maintain our independence while not burdening our children?

While pondering these questions, please enjoy The Beatles!

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One Response to Will You Still Need Me…. When I’m Sixty-Four?

  1. boomerdink says:

    Love it. Sixty four is getting too close for comfort. But thanks for the walk down memory lane. It’s a good one.

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