Holidays and the Football Faithful

As a kid I never really got to spend much time with my dad.  There were seven kids in my family, so that sort of explains it.  On Sundays during the football season, though, I would get my chance.  Dad liked the Green Bay Packers, especially during the Bart Starr, Vince Lombardi era.  So I learned to love football because I could watch it with my father, although as a little girl I never really understood how the final two minutes before the marching bands came on could take so very, very long.

I still love football, college and pro.  So I have been watching with some interest the phenomenon of Tim Tebow, the Denver Bronco’s quarterback.  I have never really subscribed to the notion that God is involved in the outcome of any sporting event.  After the improbable win against the Chicago Bears last Sunday a woman I know asked me how anyone could not believe in divine intervention.  I don’t know about that, but I know a few things.

Tebow wears his religion on his sleeve, even during the game.  It is not in a “God is on our side and not on the other team’s”  kind of way. He seems to draw strength from his spirituality.  It comes from the heart and he seems very sincere.

Tebow is a polarizing figure, the trend of   “Tebowing” is worldwide.  People either love it or hate it, but he and it have captured the imagination of the world.  Lindsey Vonn   “Tebowed” before accepting her gold medal for world cup skiing.  People are “Tebowing” around the world.  Is it kind of silly?  It probably is, but considering the headlines that often come from professional sports and even now from vaunted college sports programs it seems that Tebow is a breath of fresh air.

He has lifted the spirits of an entire Rocky Mountain Region that love their Denver Broncos.  Religious or not he is the epitome of the “never give up” and  “believe in yourself and your teammates” attitude that parents and coaches alike look to instill in their kids.  He has put smiles on a lot of people’s faces at this holiday time of the year when we generally try to take a little break from the bleak economic news, the political bickering, and the discord around the world.   And if God is by any chance looking for a new way to reach the masses, well, what better way.  After all, on any given Sunday, in stadiums around the country and in front of millions of TVs in our homes, God will find the football faithful!

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3 Responses to Holidays and the Football Faithful

  1. Grateful Bob says:

    I agree, brings out the best in sports.

  2. bang the drum says:

    Well said. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Karen Scheer says:

    SO well said! And I so agree!

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