Is Fifty the New Thirty? I Don’t Think So!

Every women over the age of 50 knows the phenomenon of becoming less visible in our society.  We are not the popular demographic for employers.  Clothing designers certainly don’t focus on our age group.  Single men  our age  are often only  interested in women that are younger.  It is not much easier for men in their 50’s and 60’s.  Employers are not rushing to hire older workers especially if they have to provide health insurance.  We don’t often see media representing the vigorous, or vital grandfather figure.   Our youth oriented culture only adds to that perception.

The Victoria’s  Secret Fashion Show was on last night.  We did not watch.  The girls are all beautiful.  They also look like they could be the age of our children or even grandchildren.

But, I am not here to complain or whine about getting older.  I just want to say  “thank you” to those who “represent” for the senile denial generation.

Julia Child:  Was almost 40 when she learned the art of cooking and started her iconic show when she was 50.

Andy Rooney:  The man did what he loved until the age of 92 and literally to the end.

Bill and Cathi from the Amazing Race.  He is 63 and she is 62, racing for 9 weeks before elimination and beating out 6 other younger teams.

Helen Mirren:  At 66 years old with gray hair and visible wrinkles, who would not aspire to have the grace and beauty of this actress.

So, thank you to them and all the other vibrant, resourceful and visible seniors.

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