Sometimes It’s The small Things

When I was a kid one of the things that we did as a family was to go to the library.  We never got much time to spend with my Dad, but he certainly loved books and reading. Every once in a while he would take us to the library and for me it was a treat just to be with him. Consequently, I have always loved the library.

In the neighborhood where I live we are fortunate to have a brand new library.  With many libraries closing around the country, I appreciate that this one opened before all the cuts to services.

Every book in this branch was new when the library opened.

What a great thing for the community to have a place where anyone, young or old, rich or poor can have access to books, computers, DVDs, and reading programs.  So, I was so disappointed the last time I went to pick up some books on hold.  When I got home, this is what I found.

In the middle of the book 6 pages had been torn out.  In the light of some of the more tragic and disturbing stories in the news recently, I know that this is not such a big deal. But, seriously?

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