Living in the Moment

My husband and I went to the coffee shop over the weekend to share a scone, have some coffee and enjoy a beautiful afternoon.  The young lady that gave us our drinks was sharing with us how much she hates the fall.  It seems that just knowing that winter is coming makes it very difficult for her to enjoy the autumn.   I can understand her feeling as I am also becoming less and less fond of winter.  However, I can’t help but think of all the wonderful things that would be missed in the “now” because we obsess about what is coming in the future.

1) The backyard flowers at end of summer full bloom.

2) Enjoying the bounty from the backyard garden.

3)  Anticipating  the pumpkins that will result from beautiful blossoms such as this.

4) Having a good laugh at the one and only tiny pumpkin that actually resulted from 2 plants and countless flowers.

5)  Sitting on the little patio, under the tree, with my husband, every day after lunch.  Giving him a break from a stressful work day and some time to recharge.

6) And a chance for us both to stop and smell the roses!

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