Now, what did I come in here for???

We have all experienced this little phenomenon.  You walk into a room for some reason, but as soon as you cross the threshold you can’t remember why you came into the room in the first place.  Or maybe you can’t recall the name of an actor you have seen a million times, or the name of the DVD you watched only a couple of days ago.  It happens to everyone.   “Where did I put my car keys?”   “I just had that bill in my hand, where did I put it down?”

When we’re younger we get frustrated or mad, but then we move on and don’t give it another thought.  So, what happens when we turn fifty?  We start to worry just a little bit when we have these forgetful episodes.  We start using phrases such as “senior moments” to explain away the forgetfulness.  Experts tell us that if we keep our brains active, learning a new language or doing crossword puzzles, we may postpone some of the inevitable deterioration of an aging brain.  Yikes!

My husband’s parents called the other day.  I answered the phone and his Dad said he wanted to share some exciting news with my husband.  I chatted with his Dad for a few minutes and then gave my husband the phone.  After some time the call ended and we went about our business.  It was not even ten minutes later when the phone rang again.   It was his parents.  This is not unusual as they often call back for one more thing.   However, I was wrong.  Apparently, his parents had forgotten entirely that they had just called and had the same conversation with us ten minutes earlier.  They are both in their nineties and I guess these things are to be expected.   All I know is that I have my puzzles at the ready!

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