The View of a Lifetime

I heard an interesting thing on World News the other night.  Apparently, for every hour of TV we watch after the age of twenty-five, we lose twenty-two minutes from the end of our lives.  That puts TV watching right up there with smoking and obesity as far as having a negative impact on our well-being.

Now, I am sure that this is all true, but it did get me thinking.  My Mother had a stroke when she was seventy-one.  She was in the hospital for a month and when she finally got to go home she sat down in her comfortable recliner near the front window and turned on the TV.  She didn’t care much for physical therapy or exercise, but she kept busy doing household chores, dinner at my sister’s house on Sunday and other occasional outings.

Over the years Mom finally had to use a cane and then a walker.  She consented to both after much “kicking and screaming”.  But as far as exercise was concerned she really didn’t feel the need.  Falls became an issue as is so often the case for older people.  Consequently, more and more time was spent in the recliner, visiting with  family, watching TV and looking out her window.

Mom only asked her children for one thing after Dad died.  The request was that she never be taken from her house and put into a nursing home.  We all made that promise to her, a promise more complicated than we could ever imagine.  But she said that she would always be happy if she had her family around her.

In our family we affectionately refer to Mom as “one tough bird”.  She does not sweat the small stuff.  She enjoys sitting in her recliner, watching the world out her window, feeling her house and her family around her and looking at hours and hours of TV.  She can’t be bothered to worry about losing 22 minutes for every hour of TV she watches.  She is busy, busy turning 94 years old on her next birthday.  I’m just sayin’!

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